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Food is cheap

Many students are used to living off cheap food, but the real challenge is to get beyond living just on pasta and pesto or pot noodles and get some varitey in your diet while still spending less than 1.30 a day on your food.

Hopefully these recipies should provide some inspiration, even after the $2 a day week is over. They are carefully designed to provide all the nutrition you need, and are easy and quick to make. Only two need an oven, and the only special cooking impliment needed is a cheese grater!
If you need more reasons, you can read the cooking manifesto.

All files in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format and are about 50kb each.
You don't need to print them all out though, when you join the challenge we will give you a nicely bound pamphlet version of them all, plus exclusive quick ideas!

Shepherds Pie, Courgette Pesto
Page 1
Cheap and Lazy Pasta, and Spaghetti Bolognese
Page 2
Vegan cooked Breakfast, Chickpea or Potato Curry
Page 3
Potato and Onion Soup, Spanish Omlette
Page 4

Don't worry if you don't have the herbs and spices that some of the recipies suggest (although none are essential) we will give you a 'spice pack' when you take part that gives you all the little extras like oil and herbs you need to put some magic in your cooking!

Most of the recipies are vegetarian, primarily for cost reasons, feel free to substitute for real meat if you can't do with out it - but consider giving some of the alternatives a go, they might save you a lot of money!

Check out the zany cooking video,
showing you how to cook basic meals from the recipie book!

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