Benefits of Tree

   1)    Trees help reduce allergies

 Living with trees near you or with plantations in your city helps to combat possible allergies. Especially at certain times of the year, such as autumn and winter.

A survey conducted by Finnish scientists was able to detect that the lack of trees makes asthma and allergic crises more frequent than usual.

This is one of the reasons, even, that explain the more stabilized health of rural residents than urban. Studies have also indicated that trees are able to prevent the creation of new fungi and bacteria in the air. So, the more trees around, the better.

     2)   Energy saving

       Trees may also be responsible for possible light bill savings at the end of the month. After all, in the summer they act as protectors of the sun's rays through the great shadows formed. Already in the winter, they work as thermal insulation. According to data collected by UK scientists, search region homes that are surrounded by trees could save up to a tenth of fractionated energy in annual consumption. Therefore, having trees around your residence contributes to energy savings

      3)  Help reduce violence

In addition to assisting in the air and environment of the urban area, planting trees in the urban environment can help reduce or lessen local crime.

According to another study carried out in the United States, by Temple University, trees planted in strategic locations such as streets and busy avenues serve as crime reducing factors such as aggression, theft and robbery. According to this research, simply contemplating trees reduces stress and creates a climate of "peace" for the people around you.

4) Reduce noise pollution

Tree planting also acts to reduce noise pollution as dampening the noise of cars, buses and trucks in the streets, as well as other noises caused by everyday urban life. Cities with more trees are also quieter cities. In addition to the above benefits, trees regulate the rate of humidity in the air. They bring birds and animals back, reduce the damage from heavy rains, give shade and beautify the landscape. Therefore, the trees are fundamental and make all the difference.

You can make a difference, besides having a tree to call your own. Through the Tree Class program, you can choose a species from hundreds available. Adopt a tree and transform our planet into a better place to live. You can also donate 2 dollars as we plant your tree in a forest that needs to be reforested.